wakers and dreamers
(wakers en dromers)

documentary, 32', 16 mm, colour

dutch language knows 128 words for dikes: a film about the dutch landscape and its connection to the water. a poetic impression of the ambivalent relationship the netherlands has with water. centuries of often futile attempts to keep the water out have led to the dutch entering into a strange obligation, 'in fact, we are morally obliged to like it here.'

script, editing: annette apon
photography: stef tijdink, marcel prins, a.o.
sound: paul veld, floor kooij
dubbing mix: jan van santwijk
producer: suzanne van voorst for ariel film

Wakers and Dreamers is a collage about dikes and the people living behind them, about a nation that made its own land, as a park full of rules, signs and canalisation. A visual dike symphony. (NRC Handelsblad)

festivals (selection):
premiere international documentary filmfestival amsterdam
international film festival rotterdam