the art of motion

documentary, 45', video, colour

8 motion studies of decisive moments in various
sports. the high speed camera used, enables
viewers to witness the movements of the athletes
in exceptionally detailed course. each seemingly
simple movement proves to be utterly complex.

olympic gold medallist anky van grunsven

long jump:
paralympic silver medallist annette roozen

paralympic gold medallist pieter gruijters

penalty corner in field hockey:
olympic gold medallists
maartje paumen, minke smabers, janneke schopman

wheel chair tennis:
paralympic gold medallist esther vergeer

4x100 metre relay:
guus hoogmoed, maarten heisen

100 metre sprint:
paralympic silver medallist annette roozen

urby emanuelson

idea: annette apon
photography: peter brugman, bert oosterveld
editing: jan ketelaars
sound design: paul gies, hein verhoeven
producer: leen van den berg
for van der hoop filmproducties

no dialogue

dvd available:

more tennis