one life is not enough

fien de la mar (1898-1965)

documentary, 71'

fien de la mar (1898-1965) was an exceptional actress: cabaret performer, singer, but also a great tragedienne. she did not care for the distinction between high and low art and could excel in both. her life and her acting were closely related; it became a tragedy that at moments gave her roles an ominous shimmer.

with johanna ter steege

script: annette apon
cinematography: peter brugman
sound: fokke van saane
costumes: bernadette corstens
make up: sara meerman
editing: jan ketelaars
voices: a.o. truus te selle, titus muizelaar, olga zuiderhoek, cas enklaar, krijn ter braak soundsscapes: harry de wit
sound design: huibert boon
image post production: loods, lux & lumen
producer: digna sinke for sng film

worldpremiere: international film festival rotterdam 2016

netherlands film festival 2016
jornadas de reapropiación, la joya, mexico 2016

distribution: rieks hadders/mokum filmdistributie

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