erasmus' traces
(sporen van erasmus)

5 documentaries (5x40'), video, colour

a series of documentaries about the legacy of the 15th century humanist erasmus from a contemporary perspective.

idea & content support: maurits nibbering
script: lies janssen in co-operation with annette apon
production: lies janssen
photography: herman boogaerdt
sound: christine van roon
editing: dorith vinken, berenike rozgonyi
visuals & graphics: frederieke jochems, andras hamelberg
music: harry de wit
dubbing mix: erik langhout
producer: flip nagler for ngn produkties
co-producing broadcaster humanistische omroep

broadcasted: humanistische omroep, 2002
exhibited at museum gouda, 2016

Apon has pulled off a highly accessible series. It contains many 'talking heads', but they never tire. Apon has sophisticatedly interspersed them with imagery of war regions, teachers, pupils and citations from the writings by Erasmus. Those writings hardly lost significance. (NRC Handelsblad)
Annette Apon's series demonstrates the enormous influence that Erasmus has on our thought still today and therewith his astonishing topicality. Such an approach is often risky: in order to 'sell' something historical, the filmmaker tends to force topical relevance upon it. The Erasmus series, in contrast, substantiates the connection in a brilliant way. It does not make the a-historical mistake to depict him as a twentieth century's man: he is also portrayed as someone of his own times. By the way, Erasmus' Traces is cinematically gorgeous. Script, graphics, music, cinematography, editing: taste, precision and care. (De Groene)